Sunday, December 23, 2001

Its the eve of Christmas and we are just lying in bed. We intend to just prepare a simple menu minus those cholesterol-rich foods. For myself, I promise to drink milk everyday and take oatmeal to reduce my cholesterol and take care of my heart.

Friday, December 21, 2001

I've been recollecting. Yes, I have the best year ever. For what its worth, I still feel nailed down to where I've stood in life. Nothing changed but I can vividly say that there are really things that can't be done and undone in life no matter how you try and glide every step of the way to reach for it, it's as elusive as stars. I have succumbed to the fact that you can't really get everything in life.

My holidays wil be spent getting more for myself as I have not been able to get in touch with it. Bought some books to read and watch my favorite TV shows (well, aside from my regular blogging and internet escapades) to drive me through the holidays. Well, I have this realization. It is no doubt that we are in a very complex world, chaotic and full of miseries. Given the fact, why don't we give peace a chance in us. We can't spare our life from all these harsh realities. If you've got an axe to grind with a friend, an ex you loathe, parents you hardly speak to or siblings you've burned bridges with, here are some peace pacts that work. Deal with it. Recognize your rage. Stop blaming other people for your misery. Say what you really feel. Change focus. See the people in your life as human.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

I've dated two of the hottest and gorgeous women in this side of the earth today.  The first is one of the 100 sexiest women of the world and the second is a former teenybopper turned sex siren. I "gnarled" and "whoof" as I go through the pages and shees..my hormones where juggling up and down.  Hey, before you think otherwise, I've indulged myself with something to read for the vacation so I decided to go malling and found some interesting magz to feast on.

Hello, Boys..Oh my,it's Dina Bonnevie. That goes the recent issue of FHM (For Him Magazine). I was strucked with this alluring pose of one of the respected movie personalities we have in the tinseltown, the delectable Miss D. You know what they say about wine and the passage of time? FHM offers you the finest vintage from its cellar. Miss D is turning 40 but how many girls in their teens and twenties do you know look as hot? To quote one of her interview lines: I prefer men but sometimes boys are fun. Kewl..but don't get me wrong again. I simply don't impune some vulgarity or nudity in here.  I guess we are all grown-ups but I can't resist not taking a peep at this one classy,entertaining and elegant feature of Miss D.

If you've got it,  flaunt it" says Assunta De Rossi.It seems that she went from teenybopper to sexy star overnight, and is coming of age way before time. She has the kind of dusky foreign looks that make both men and women stop,look and marvel at the fascinating result of good mix. It has gotten her really far.She's definitely one of the hottest properties of the movie industry. Have you heard about her FHM 2002 calendar? It's devoted solely to photos of her in various degrees of sensuality.Get one and you'll never regret.

Pardon if I'm being naughty here. Just that lately I felt I have been really exhausted and I just would like to unload (hey..don't get me wrong again..) some pressures.  Sometimes, it gets you to a point when you just have to face it and see where it can go.

Anyway, I bought some goodies to munch while going through all the pages of these two magz.  Would you believe this is my very first of this kind of magz (FHM and Cosmopolitan).   This will definitely keep my company for the holidays.  I've read some interesting write-ups which I found very interesting and refreshing.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy and be good.!

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I can't believe I'm still awake. It's 15 minutes before 12 midnight and its going to be our birthday. I wanted to sleep early so I can wake up by 4 pm for the misa de gallo. Well, I guess I have to hit the bed now and take some rest.
The party fever is all aroud us. Christmas is just in the corner and everybody just getting too busy. I have been running the whole town, obviously because its the eve of our birthday. Yes, by stroke of faith Nico, my little monster was born on the same day I was. No accident, just plain coincidence. Today also is such a very special day for us. It's Nico's 2nd quarter recognition day and presto, he landed again in the top five of his Nursery Class. I was there, the proud father pinning his ribbon and mind you, it was a feeling beyond words.

There are still so many things we have to prepare for tomorrow's party. Until now, we are finalizing our menu plan and of course, litson is always in the list as in every Filipino celebration. I am bit exhausted getting through all these but there are quite a number of good reasons to celebrate. This year is ravishingly filled with so much blessings and most importantly, I found myself, my inner peace and the life that I ever wanted. Yes, the past will always be there no matter how dark...painful it has been. It's all lessons learned and it will never be the same again.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

My back pain and hyperacidity has been bothering me the past few months. I was just wallowing in bed today to get ample rest and sleep but I have this cute, lovable and huggable "monster" trying every inch of the way to get my attention and keeps pestering me while I manage to afford a deep slumber. Nico, my little monster has the habit of kissing me or stepping on me just so I would be able to play with him the usual fun games we do in bed like throwing pillows at one another, never-ending story telling about Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and his favorite action song, I am a Little Tea Pot. A month ago I bought him an interactive CD "Jumpstart Learning" for a three to four year old and is definitely a very effective and easy way of teaching toddlers like, basic colors, shapes, numbers and songs. Nico is turning three on December 19 but he was accepted in Nursery when he was only 2 years and six months due to his remarkable aptitude. Mind you, he made it to the top 5 honor pupils during the first quarter despite his age which made us very proud. His Mom has been very busy preparing all the party needs for his birthday ( yes, we have the same birthdate that is why its really..really..super special day). It's three days from now but it seems that her Mom is all set, house fully decorated with her fantastic 7 ft Christmas tree, the garland and wreaths with all the lightings , gifts and give-aways are completely wrapped and of course the menu. Well, for this year my wife Ann plans to bake and decorate by herself the birthday cake which is 160 by 120 inches with a theme showing different types of cars (Nico's hobby) like Ferrari, BMW etc. Well, to make it really memorable and exciting, we plan to broadcast it live thru internet using my new logitech webcam so that our friends and relatives here and abroad who can't be with us can watch the party as it unfold.

Friday, December 14, 2001

I was awakened today by a loud bang that sent me to panic and scamper right to my senses. My adrenalin peaked up and drove me really crazy at the sight of my wife falling just down to my feet. I have this habit of sleeping in 2-inch thick polyester bed foam just flat in the floor. I normally do this when I am restless and tired during the day coz it gives me a comfy feeling and a therapeutic sleep (is there such a thing?) to revive my energies and relieve my tensions and pressures. I have outgrown our king size bed which normally put us to a squabble with my wife, punching and kicking unmindfully one another in the midst of our sleep. There are times when I feel brewing despite putting the thermostat of our air conditioning unit to the full. I just needed a space (hey, don’t get me wrong. I still love my wife) enough for me to roll and flip after a tiresome day. I am really a hot-blooded person and I can survive even in Yukon or Northwest territories.

Now I do feel guilty. She was outbalanced stepping on my pillows scattered in the floor upon disembarking from the bed. I was horrified to see my wife fall. My son was awakened too by that thunderous roar in the room terrified seeing his Mom howling in pain after her left buttock landed hard on the floor. I was frightened what was going to happen. I embraced her tight and kissed her bulging tummy where our second child is now in progress. Yes, she is six-month pregnant and I am terribly excited to have another child. Good my wife was strong enough to handle the pain and somehow assured me that it wasn’t after all a hard fall. Thanks to God. I know our baby was not harmed. I can sense her giggling inside and whispering to me; “Dad, don’t you worry, I’m perfectly okay here. Tell Mommy, thanks for the ride.”

Thursday, December 13, 2001

"THE GRAND essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Happiness is ... a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.". My youth has brought so much memories to me to this day. I am not old as what you think but I still marvel at the flimsiest things on earth. Looking back at my college days was definitely a great sight to behold. I knew I wasn't the most sought after guy in campus or the brainy-handsome type sort of guy but I surely do have my own merits to bank on. I landed in the block one section of the class where all the gigantic brain cells are nurtured and kept. I got elected to top positions in various school organizations and yes, got my own sort of celebrity status(drum roll..). I survived and yet I still wanted to pursue what my heart dictates. I want to break free. I want to live a life that is light, fun and easy. I want to make my own decisions and put total control in all my human cells. In short, I want to be happy. This makes me no different from any teens in this time and age. They are all shouting for freedom, trying to go out of their way and just resenting the life they have been blessed. I must admit I lost that chance to be able to embrace teenage life as it is. I was in a hurry to reach the pennacle of absolute manhood. I started hating advices from my elders and showing that I can handle my own life without them. Now, in my age I felt the need to consider my elders opinion or suggestions. Working as a corporate executive for ten years was real tough job and it taught me to value what others have to say no matter how resenting it could be. Let us enjoy our youth and the presence of our loveones because they will not be there for the rest of our lives. Yes, our loveones can turn to be real monsters at times but behind that is the face that really cares and love. A face that will accept you for who you are and is always ready to embrace you in times when you need them most. Now I'm saying this because I know how it feels. Thanks to Pixar, you made me appreciate the monster in me and realized that monsters can really be lovable. Let us start loving the monsters in our lives and let them feel that they are not after all the monster that we thought of. Monsters can really be lovable huh!
I've been chatting to my online friends lately and I am astonished to find how good are they at web design at a very young age. I must admit I feel like backsliding to my early 20's as I have been really enjoying chatting with my new found buddies. They are really exceptional and that makes me fret and lo..insecure. They are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to avail of the best possible educational learning facilities like owning a pc and all the gadgets they could ever tinker and looks like a real pro in the field. My cyber friends are increasing tremendously and it simply changed my paranoia over people whom you bumped in the cyberspace. I thought that they are all the "j..ks and per...s" who are lost and lonely trying to victimize willing victims..lol and make their wares available in search for virtual happiness. Gees, I got crazy lately over someone on the other end of the cam showing horrible acts of exhibitionism. I was wondering how they can be so mean showing some sensitive parts of their body to get a virtual orgasm instantly. I remember a friend abroad who told me about her experience which nearly broke her married life. She was an unwilling victim because of boredom. Internet was the only available and the easiest way to get over it and so before she could have subscribed to the instant gratification that internet lures many of us, she realized it was slowly snatching her away from her husband and her kids. God forbid, she was about to pack up her things and meet the guy in Las Vegas until her husband was finally able to sense that there was something fishy going on. In the end, it was a big realization for them. The husband was forgiving enough to understand what her wife was going through and she realized how lucky she could be to have a husband who is so supportive and understanding of her plight. Well, as in any other fairy tale story, they lived happily ever after. Ngekss..corny hahaha. Sorry my friend to put you in here. I'm having a hard time what to put in my blog and so I decided to get into your life.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Hello peeps! Finally, i got my blog. I've been wondering how I could have made my own blog in my website and so here I am now. I hope to make this as interesting and refreshing blog of all blogs. Cmon down! Lets BLOG....

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